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Trophy assets is a term used for assets which are in high demand. They are often status symbols which are well known and often internationally recognised. The level of pride in their ownership normally greatly overshadows the price paid for these assets. This means that these assets are limited in number, special and iconic and coveted by many.

The true definition of a trophy assets may be debatable but one thing is certain. You must expect to pay a Trophy price to own a true trophy asset. These assets however are more liquid than most others on the market as they attract global buyers and will always maintain their premium value.

Trophy assets are often sought after by buyers because they are rare and with this rarity comes often an emotional dividend of owning these assets and this in turn makes up for the premium prices often paid when purchasing these items.



From Old Masters to contemporary, explore our collection of fine art, sculptures, prints and more

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Find your luxury vessel with our classic, modern and luxury cars 



Trophy, portfolio, flagged, unflagged, country, boutique, 5-star, and 4-star hotels worldwide



Wide array of prime blocks, penthouses, freeholds, houses, estates, mixed use properties and more


Hit the water with our collection of boats, from sailing dinghies and tenders to powerboats and super yachts.


Take on the skies with new and used business and commercial aircrafts around the world.

City Night Views

Developments & Land

Commercial and residential developments, land and property investments



& Jewellery

Discover sought-after jewellery, watches and valuables to invest in from around the world

Vintage Jewelry


Enhance your collection with incredible antiques, books, handbags and more

Trust, Discretion & Integrity

As a private office working with UHNW clients from around the world with very diverse and distinct requirements we have partnered and work with a world wide group of expert affiliates, consultants and professionals to ensure our clients receive the best advice and service possible.


We focus on working with entrepreneurs with ambition, with particular emphasis on the property, leisure, hospitality and media sectors and provide a platform for both start ups and established businesses to assist in their growth.


In addition to the usual private office services outlined, we specialise in acquiring and disposing of off market super prime properties, sporting and country estates, vineyards and boutique hotels around the world. We rarely advertise or market our portfolio and work exclusively with our network of high net worth clients, multi and single family offices , private banks, private equity, asset managers and professional advisors.

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