Bespoke Services

We are an innovative private office connecting and creating strategic partnerships and opportunities within the property and leisure industries. Flaxmore limited has offices in London, Geneva, Monaco and Hong Kong.

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Corporate Services

We offer a wide range of corporate advisory services including company acquisitions, mergers and turnarounds; tax, legal advice and strategic planning.

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Corporate Finance

We provide funding & refinancing solutions to a wide range of client projects in a diverse set of industries.

Private & Corporate Security

We provide a diverse range of intelligence led professional services to support our clients in making informed decisions in order to better protect themselves and mitigate risk.

Stock Exchange


We partner with a wide range of financial institutions and private offices to offer ambitious entrepreneurs operating primarily within the property, leisure, hospitality and media sectors an opportunity to fast track their company growth.

Family Asset Advisory Services

We assist families and individuals in preserving and enhancing wealth through impartial, detailed advice in order to meet long term strategic objectives no matter how complex the scenario.

Financial Advisor
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Golden Visa

Golden visa residency assistance. Investments in a second country offer up living, business and finance options.