Golden Visa

Golden visa residency-for-investment in a second country offers up living, business and finance options.

Popularity of residency-for-investment golden visa schemes in Europe remains high among discerning investors

The advantage of living in another country has several attractions. Holding a second passport opens up a world of travel opportunities as well as the option to relocate and even retire in an attractive, foreign destination. And these benefits are just the beginning for golden visa holders.

For many, the right to live in an EU country offers new business opportunities by tapping into the wealth of the continent and its trillion-dollar economies. Owning property in a second — or even third — country also provides greater options for financial management and tax structuring.

Alongside the financial benefits, EU residency affords the bearer significant travel freedom. Schengen member states are among the world’s top ten passport powers. Finally, many EU member states have world-leading healthcare and education for those looking to relocate their entire family.

It is possible to obtain residency rights and citizenship through lengthy processes that involve living in the country for a specified period. However, many nations offer fast-track residency-for-investment schemes specifically designed for the refined investor. Dubbed “Golden Visas” these programmes offer the quickest route to begin reaping the benefits of second citizenship.

Residency-through-investment: the Golden Visa programmes

“Golden Visa” schemes provide a fast route to living and working in another country, typically via the purchase of property or investment in a country’s economy, such as through government bonds. The minimum cost of properties among EU member states ranges from €250,000 up to €2 million.

These schemes have become highly popular of late. Many investors are looking to restructure their portfolios with a greater proportion of their wealth tied to real estate. This is in part due to recent unrest and upheaval around the globe as the elite look to property markets to hedge their investments against possible future losses.

Real Estate Continues to be a Popular Investment Strategy even in the Current Market 

Residency-for-investment schemes are ideal for those looking to quickly obtain residency rights in another country for themselves and their families. Application processes vary, but they all require candidates to meet specific financial requirements before being approved. Specific criteria depend on your country of birth. Broadly, applicants need to show they are in good health, of sound conduct and prove the legality of their investment funds.

Highly successful Golden Visa programmes in the European Union

Below are five of the most highly desirable European countries offering residency-for-investment programmes:

  • Cyprus

  • Greece

  • Spain

  • Portugal

  • Latvia

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